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Our bodies speak to us, they are storytellers.

Our bodies speaks to us


They are

Let's learn to listen

We live in a world of division

that so often also separates

our bodies and our hearts/minds.

When we hurt in our bodies,

we go to a physical therapy

and leave our emotions

and life experiences out the door.

We do the same the other way,

when we are hurt emotionally,

we so often sit and talk about our experiences,

and leave our bodies out of the door.​

In reality the two are so intertwined 


I made a post last week about how I had been in pain in my neck for 20 hours and couldn't move,

she reached out to me and guided me out of this horrible episode via voice messages.


Apart from feeling so supported, it was amazing how her approach of reintroducing mobility slowly,

and from within my own body worked right away.

Guided by her messages and suggestions I was able to slowly move my head again and have now also got an amazing tool for the future in case muscles will cause pain or emotional tension will cause muscle stiffness.


It's hard to describe our remote treatment journey but Dana never fails to amaze with her knowledge, intuitive approach, and her ability to guide you in finding YOUR OWN BODY's way. Forever grateful and in awe of your skills with people and the body


I got in touch with my emotions after I didn't cry for more then 20 years.

I feel a lot more, I have feelings that I didn't had before.

Iv'e learned to manage my chronic tension and stress,

but the biggest unexpected win, was the relationships with my wife, children, and people in my life that grew in new and exciting new ways. 

I got in much more patient with myself and others.

My sense of life became much more interesting in many ways, and my role in it, I became better leader in my work.

I became more interested in the humans around me apart from what they can do at work.

My wife even said about this process, it was great investment :)

K. J.G 

Stavanger, Norway


I came because of Fibromyalgia I suffered  from.

I got new body, but much more then that,

I got new me. 


Stavanger, Norway


Iv'e learned so much about myself, and my body.

 I received knowledge and techniques to listen to my body and not only manage my pain but prevent it.

Thank you

Amelia Richards. Stavanger, Norway


Dana's professional treatment is based on many years of experience and a multitude of educational training that support each other.

She works intuitively and has the ability to listen to the unspoken needs of the client, as well as respect the client's personal limitations and integrity.

I recommend her soft, and yet strong and supportive sessions.

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo

In the work the body is our doorway,

and the symptom is an indicator.

Each human has his own unique language of resonance,

the things that are more accessible and connected,

and where it's less.

The body of work is build out of different pillars,

and we use them according to your individual needs.




Mindful Movement

psychomotor studies

I am a big believer in Education alongside and sometime before any intervention,

and therefore sessions and seminars are full with them.

Hi, I'm Dana

I'm investigating in the last decade the interconnectedness

of chronic pain syndromes and trauma, stress and how we feel. 

Whether you are an individual who is looking for support,

or a professional looking to grow your tools and knowledge

so you could support your clients further.

I'm here to offer you 


and to fill the gap that we are so desperately missing.

What started with my search and curiosity many years ago,

and became my heart's mission.

The spot of connection and mutuality,

within us and between us,

the spot of our humanity.

Dana B. Fernandes
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