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Hey, I'm Dana

for 15 years I suffered from chronic pain,

and no matter what I did, 

and I did a lot,


change it.

10 years ago something profound shifted in my chronic pain

and since then and until today,

alongside long education,

I supported hundreds of people with the same tools that took me out of it. 

I've learned in this decade of work

that pain is a multilayered experience,

it touches different aspects of the human being and triggers our survival brain.

Until I was able and found professional that was able,

to work with these different layers,

my pain continued to be present.  


I am a somatic psychotherapist,

Board member of the Association of the somatic psychology (ABP

Manual therapist, bodyworker.

Nervous system, Polyvagal clinical tools trained. 

and much much more. 

I want to share my learnings and experience with you too!

So we could support more people

The art of working with pain

I believe pain is something we need to learn to work with, while most of us learned to work against it.

Pain is something that really affects us by disrupting our everyday life and can be a devastating experience.

Becoming completely immobile,

the sudden switch from full capability and self-sufficiency to helplessness and dependency adds a psychological component of resignation, fear, and frustration.

People who suffer, freeze, and contract, even more, stop moving from the fear of causing and increasing their pain.

5 modules of live seminars,

in total of 10 hours of learning.

Each module is approximately 2 hours, 

that include 90 minutes of teaching

and 30 minutes of questions and discussion, 

to enrich our learning and integration into our own practice and life.

Each module equal a puzzle piece in the experience and work with pain. 

The Modules 

The layers of pain

The mechanism within it

The fear of pain


Fascia as a sensory organ

it's properties and role in pain

Nervous system and fascia




Polyvagal theory




Emotions, connections,

and meaning. 



Where the knowledge meets you,

and your practice. 

Integration and embodiment

Some really amazing bonuses 

So You'll be able to easily integrate it into your practice. 

The scale of pain tool

Fascia as a sensory organ

it's properties and role in pain

Nervous system and fascia

Moving emotions workbook


Polyvagal theory


Nervous system

  • Hey !

    Sure, I would love to. 

    Please contact me in private, and I'll send you an offer.  

  • I'm graduated in somatic psychology/ psychomotor studies, from a school in Denmark. 

    I'm also trained in different manual therapies, myofscia release, structural  integration, Rebalancing. 

    And, clinical tools of Plyvagal theory by Steven Porges P.hd.

    Additional I have many trainings in the trauma field, you can see it all on my website. 

  • In case of online training, recordings will be available for 3 months. 

Common questions 

Why does my client always come back with the same pain? 

Some pains never really change,

we will work on it again and again,

but the change will not remain.


As professionals it can raise questions in us,

As a client it can be frustrating and scary experience.

For 15 years,

Iv'e been that client. 

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