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May 12, 2024 - May 17, 2024

Mothers showing up for themselves

  • 6Days
  • 6Steps
  • 6Participants




How hard it is for us mothers to navigate different roles, and show up truly for ourselves at the same time. While we often think on self-care as something outside of our daily routine, vacation, special spa treatment and so on. I believe that self care should me simple, everyday/ week routine that actually MAKE A difference in our sense of life. Iv'e decided to launch this challenge after I shared something around it in my story, and literally two minutes after I realised it's mother day. My last decade work experience taught me that these are the things that lead us to chronic symptoms, our lack of ability to take good care of ourselves, to show up for us in many little daily actions. In this program we will have a spotlight each day on a theme/ a lens which through it we show up or don't in our everyday lives.

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