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Hey, I'm Dana

for 15 years I suffered from chronic pain,
and no matter what I did, 
change it.

10 years ago something profound shifted in my chronic pain
and since then and until today,
alongside long education,
I supported hundreds of people with the same tools that took me out of it. 

I'm a big believer in education alongside any intervention because when we understand what and why we do something, we can be better at supporting ourselves.
I believe we are born with the capacity for healing and wellbeing we just need to relearn and reconnect to it. 

Professionally speaking,
I am a somatic psychotherapist,
Board member of the association of the somatic psychology (ABP
Manual therapist, bodyworker.
Nervous system, Polyvagal clinical tools trained. 
and much much more. 

Two years ago my friend Lilli on the other side of the world was in severe pain, it was so bad she couldn't sleep.


I didn't know if from long distance I could help,

but I suggested it.


To my surprise, in less than 24 hours she was better. ​


And more than that​. 

She was empowered. 

She learned and realised her own body ability.​

With my guidance and support, 

She moved herself with, through and from her pain. 


I made a post last week about how I had been in pain in my neck for 20 hours and couldn't move,

she reached out to me and guided me out of this horrible episode via voice messages.


Apart from feeling so supported, it was amazing how her approach of reintroducing mobility slowly,

and from within my own body worked right away.

Guided by her messages and suggestions I was able to slowly move my head again and have now also got an amazing tool for the future in case muscles will cause pain or emotional tension will cause muscle stiffness.


It's hard to describe our remote treatment journey but Dana never fails to amaze with her knowledge, intuitive approach, and her ability to guide you in finding YOUR OWN BODY's way. Forever grateful and in awe of your skills with people and the body

I want this experience for you too!

Moving with pain

I believe pain is something we need to learn to work and move with,

while most of us learned to work against it.

Pain is something that really affects us by disrupting our everyday life,

and can be a devastating experience.

Becoming completely immobile,

the sudden switch from full capability and self-sufficiency to helplessness and dependency adds a psychological component of resignation, fear, and frustration.

People who suffer, freeze, and contract, even more, stop moving from the fear of causing and increasing their pain.

In this course I teach you all the little and big tips and tools I teach my clients, and I give it to you at a cost less than one session with me. 


It’s built in a way that allows you to go in your own rhythm,

to practice, to take it into your everyday life.

Because in the end, that's what will actually make the difference.  

What's in this course

That are the pillars of the work. In each one you will have few classes to deepen so it become practical and integrate into your life.


With theory, you'll understand what you do and why, and exercises so you'll actually move with and through your pain.


To support your process and integration









Join me on the 2/5 for a live course.

You’ll get the old price of this course for it's upgraded version + you get me in a guided small group process.

Where you can ask questions and get the attention you need.

The course will be recorded and available for you.  


  • Do you always look for professionals for support, but lack the tools to support yourself?

    Do you feel stuck in pain or tension?

    Do you feel fear of pain?

    Do you feel it limits and constrains your movement? 

    If so, I believe it can support you. 

  • it would be completely unethical of me to promise you such a thing, even if you made all the effort to come to my clinic. 

    The fact is, no one can promise you that. This course was made to give you the tools to explore, the same tools that supported Lilli out of her pain,

    same tools that support my clients and the same ones that supported me in the past and still on days that I wake up with tension and pain. 

    BUT, you will need to make the move to take yourself out of it. 

  • First, if you are recently injured you want to make sure nothing is torn or broken. 

    The program doesn’t replace medical advice. 

    Second, if the above is not the case, I want to say that there is a lot of fear around pain, and for good reason, 

    our body wants to keep us safe. Fear is there to keep us safe. 

    We will learn to work with the fear and not against it.  

  • This program is digital, which means it's pre-recorded and you do it in your rhythm and time. But, you can always ask me and you also have the option to add individual sessions where we could learn to move and work more attentively to your individual needs.

Common questions 

Come, walk with me, in tiny little steps, I'll guide you

There are days that pain grab us,
we contract around it, 
we stop moving,
and even reduce our breath. 

In the hope,
we will not feel more of it. 

But it's often just make it more persistent,
and we find ourselves living in constant aches, discomforts and pains.

Move with and through

your pain

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