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Case study on sudden acute pain and remote session

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

"My journey with Dana, all started with an emergency.

I had a pinched nerve and Dana, whom I met years ago, felt called to support me.

It was an experiment for both of us; I was desperate and in pain during a vacation in Thailand.

While Dana was in Norway and didn't know if guiding people remotely without touch could work.

She guided me in voice messages and I held on to them like it was a life raft.

24h after we started I could be without painkillers, and less than 48h after I was so much better."

Word from Dana

This experience was profound and so different and new for me.

It's almost a decade since I work in person with chronic pain and chronic symptoms but never worked online. I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw this post from L. whom I met years ago on my travels,

my heart went out to her, and I wrote to her to see how can I support her with the decade of knowledge and experience I have.

The result was far more than I could imagine; it took me a year to share it here, and it gave birth to a deeper understanding of healing and recovery. And the creation of a new service I offer.


I started recording L. voice messages with guidance and a bit of principal teaching and education.

We messaged back and forth, learning as we talk what support and how to continue, and where to stop.

The morning later it was a new reality for L.

Words from Dana

Why it was so profound and exciting for me?

When people arrive at my clinic, there is, even when unconscious, a hope, a wish that I would solve their problems, that I will fix them. Although I put great effort into clear messages on my website and social that I don't do that. That this is not my 'I believe', experience, and approach.

When people are helpless under the weight of their pain or symptoms, the hope it would be suddenly gone is there present.

The work with L. was an experiment, we both explored.

I was far to put my hands on her, and all our communication was through voice and written words.

She needed to make meaning from my words; she had to experience by moving and finding her own way in this knowledge that I share and suggest.

It was empowering for her.

She got tools and experience she could use for the rest of her life whenever she is in pain.

It reminded me of the need for active participation and the willingness of clients.

And reconnected me with humbleness to how in the end of all, healing comes from inside - from our own openness to meet our pain and the courage to move with it in a new way.


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